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Methamphetamine Decontamination

So your property is contaminated with methamphetamine. Now you need a team of abatement pros to decontaminate the affected areas quickly, affordably, and safely. Queue: A&D Specialists!

Our Process

Our decontamination process begins with a detailed work plan. In our work plan, we outline the full process of how we are going to decontaminate your property. Some components of that process will be to:

1. Remove loose material to be discarded – This can include trash, debris, carpet, curtains, couches, and other low-value items that cannot be decontaminated.

2. Remove non-salvageable items – Depending on the levels of contamination at your property, this can include HVAC systems, cabinets, doors, trim/baseboards, and appliances.

3. Perform Decontamination Procedures – For areas of lower contamination levels, our cleaning methods involve a thorough detergent and rinse process. Areas with higher contamination levels will be cleaned using a chemical application designed to break-down methamphetamine molecules. After application, the chemical is extracted and surfaces are rinsed.

Why It's Better

Our decontamination work beats other methods in three ways:

1. Consistent Application Means Thorough Cleaning  – With the use of professional-grade equipment, our chemical applications are spread evenly over all surfaces. This means every inch is fully decontaminated. Even the hard-to-reach places.

2. Limited Water Involved – Compared to other methods, our decontamination procedures require less water during the extraction and rinsing steps. Less water results in less water damage.

3. A Tailored Approach – Rather than apply a one-size-fits-all approach, our team of decontamination pros select the proper procedures for each job. Doing so keeps abatement costs to a minimum. After all, we know that our customers would rather be spending money on things other than cleaning up methamphetamine contamination.


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