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How it works and what it costs.


When dealing with suspected or confirmed methamphetamine use in your home or at your property, you will think of the process in three stages:

  1. Pre-Assessment Testing
  2. Decontamination
  3. Post-Assessment Testing

The tabs below describe the processes and costs associated with each stage.

Your Pre-Assessment Test will uncover the exact levels of contamination present in each area of your home or property. Several areas will be tested separately to pinpoint contaminants and, if necessary, allow for efficient and cost-effective decontamination. Each of our test technicians are Clandestine Drug Lab Clean-Up Supervisors and are certified by the Washington Department of Health as qualified to perform these tests. We strictly adhere to Washington State’s guidelines for environmental sampling.

The cost of the Pre-Assessment Test is made up of two parts – (1) Technician Time and (2) Lab Analysis. Over the phone, we can give you an exact quote for the Technician Time. The Lab Analysis fee, however, will be calculated after our technician has inspected your property. Please continue reading to learn more.

Technician Time
The technician time portion of the fee is a simple calculation: Base Rate ($250) + County Rate + Home Size Rate. This portion is subject to your county’s sales tax. The table below outlines the various County and Home Size Rates.

County Rate Home Size Rate
King $125 0-1000 sqft $125
Pierce $125 1001-1500 sqft $175
Snohomish $125 1501-2000 sqft $225
Clark $200 2001+ sqft $275
San Juan/Island $200
Stevens $250
Spokane $250
Yakima $250
All others Please inquire

Example – if your property is located in Pierce county and is 1400 square feet, the technician time fee would be $550 [Base Rate ($250) + County Rate ($125) + Home Size Rate ($175) = $550].

Lab Analysis
The lab analysis portion of the fee is written as a separate check paid directly to Analytical Chemistry, Inc. (accredited by Washington State Department of Ecology for analyzing methamphetamine test samples). Their fee, which is not subject to sales tax, is $40 per test sample.

The number of samples required for your home is determined based on the number of rooms and areas to be tested. For example, in a 3 bedroom/2 bath single family home, the following areas may be sampled separately:

  1. kitchen
  2. kitchen cabinets
  3. living room
  4. bedroom 1
  5. bedroom 2
  6. bedroom 3
  7. bathroom 1
  8. bathroom 1 cabinets
  9. bathroom 2
  10. bathroom 2 cabinets
  11. hallway
  12. ventilation system
  13. Attic Space
  14. Crawlspace

Example – If your technician determined that all 14 of the above items required sampling, the lab analysis portion of your fee would be $600 [$40 x (14 sample areas + 1 Method Blank)], not subject to sales tax.

If your Pre-Assessment Test reveals levels of methamphetamine residue above Washington State’s maximum exposure limit (1.5 micrograms/100cm²), then decontamination will be required.

Each decontamination job is unique, but every job follows the same three-step process: (1) contaminated-trash removal, (2) demolition of non-salvagable material, and (3) decontamination. The difficulty of each process is determined by existing site-conditions (e.g. amount of trash present, physical obstacles such as multiple flights of stairs) and contaminant levels.

To provide you with a range of anticipated costs, this page describes two scenarios – a higher cost scenario and a lower cost scenario.

Higher Cost Scenario
This is a mid-size single family home, ~1800 sq ft, with a tremendous amount of hoader-like trash throughout the home. The home has accumulated high-amounts of contaminants from years of constant drug-use by the prior occupants.

Contaminated Trash Removal – Hours of careful trash removal are required before any other work can be done on the property. Because used-needles and other hazards are likely to be present within the piles of trash, high-quality PPE is required.

Demolition of Non-Salvagable Material – After all trash is removed, most of the home’s building materials have to be demolished. Due to extremely high levels of contaminants, all non-salvagable items are removed, including carepting, cabinets, baseboard, ceiling fans, appliances, electrical fixtures, and more. In addition, this home’s AC ventilation has been contaminated beyond repair and must be demolished.

Decontamination – Now that all non-salvagable items have been demolished and removed from the property, decontamination work can begin. Because high levels of contaminants exist on all walls, ceilings, and hard floors, the most thorough decontamination methods must be employed.

The total cost for this decontamination work could range from $30,000 to $50,000 plus tax.

Lower Cost Scenario
This is a small, 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment with almost no trash left behind from the prior resident. Even though small amounts of methamphetamine residue are found, state regulations still require the property to be cleaned.

Contaminated Trash Removal – Our crew removes all trash quickly after a thorough sweep/walk through of the unit.

Demolition of Non-Salvagable Material – Because contaminants are low enough, most items can be safely cleaned and kept. The only items to be disposed of are carpeting, curtains, and any other items with porous surfaces.

Decontamination – The most basic of decontamination procedures can be used to properly clean this home.

The total cost for this decontamination work could range from $3,500 to $5,000 plus tax.


After Decontamination is completed, we present our clients with certified lab results to demonstrate that the property has been restored to safe conditions. These results are kept by the client for their records.

The cost of the Post-Assessment Test is, just like the Pre-Assessment Test, made up of two portions (1) Technician time and (Lab Analysis). However, the price of the Post- test is usually less than the Pre- Test.

Technician Time
Since our technicians complete the Post-Assessment Test immediately after completing decontamination and while still on-site, the County Rate is waived. Thus, the formula for calculating this portion of the test is Base Rate ($250) + Home Size Rate. See the “Pre-Assessment Testing” tab for the outline of Home Size Rates.

Lab Analysis
All of the areas that were sampled in the Pre-Assessment Test will need to be sampled again during the Post-Assessment Test. Sometimes, however, a few test areas will have been removed and will not require re-testing, i.e. cabinets and AC ventilation. The Lab’s fee is $40 per sample. See the “Pre-Assessment Testing” tab for a more detailed description of Lab Analysis fee.

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