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At A & D Specialists, every client project is a team effort. And we’ve filled our team with top-notch players so we can deliver outstanding results. Everytime.

Travis P.

Co-Owner, President | CDL Supervisor #S091-17R

Travis is the founder and co-owner of Abatement and Decontamination Specialists. He brings years of unqiue professional experience to the team. He began his career in the hazardous materials remediation industry as a first responder working for the Whatcom County Medical Examiner to retrieve and transport unusual-death victims from accident/crime scenes to the Medical Examiner. Simultaneously, he operated a biohazard removal company specializing in trauma/unattended death site clean up. Because of his unique attention to detail and his high level of integrity, he was requested by an affordable housing property management director to enter the field of methamphetamine remediation, as they had previously had a hard time finding qualified contractors to perform that type of specialized work. Leading with integrity at all times, Travis has built a business that dozens of public agencies, housing authourities, property managers, and property owners repeatedly rely on to remove hazards at their properties.

Travis and his wife has two sons and two bull dogs. They enjoy spending time in the beautiful pacific northwest outdoors, barbequeing, and serving in their local church.

Greg S.

Co-Owner, Director

Greg is a practicing physician in Northwest Washington, specializing in helping patients recover from opioid addictions. Naturally, when presented with an opportunity to continue to provide help to those struggling from the negative affects of substance abuse, he was eager to join the team and get to work. Greg’s medical and scientific background provides a tremendous amount of value to the work that our team does. He’s help vet and implement the safetest and most researched remediation products and procedures. In addition, Greg has built his medical practice with his reputation of client care of personal integrity. Those principles have carried over into his venture with Abatement and Decontamination Specialists and continue to foster trust with the families, property owners, non-profits, and communities that we serve.

Greg is originally from Missouri, but has called Washington home for over 15 years. He served in the military and utilized the GI Bill to put himself through medical school. In the winter, you’ll find Greg on the ski slopes across the Western US. In the summer, you’ll find him outside driving his tractor around while his wife points to where she wants the dirt moved.

Craig A.

General Manager | CDL Supervisor #S230-21

Since joining the team in early 2020, Craig has earned the unofficial title of the company’s “Swiss Army Knife” from Travis. He brings with him small business management skills that have helped Abatement and Decontamination Specialists keep pace with a growing demand. When he is not in the field performing remediation or testing services, he is in our home office working with clients over the phone, submitting proposals and cost estimations, completing Pre- and Post-Analysis Reports for public health officials, and developing new relationships with organizations in need of our services throughout Washington state.

Craig and his wife have three little girls – who have him completely wrapped around their fingers – and one dog who he tolerates. He and his family love living in Northwest Washington. Being an Arizona native, Craig especially appreciates being able to maintain a luscious fruit and vegetable garden year round in their backyard. Craig volunteers at the local high school as an assistant wrestling coach as well as at his local church as a youth sunday school and activity leader.

Caitie C.

Sampling Technician | CDL Supervisor #S229-21

Caitie is a Washington native and plans on calling this beautiful state home for many years to come. On our team, she has the luxurious task of driving all over the state of Washington on any given day of the week to perform Pre- and Post-Assessment Sampling for our clients. Some of her favorite past times include suiting up in a Tyvek suit with a full-face respirator to perform methamphetamine sampling, especially if it means she gets to climb into an attic or crawl space for extra thorough sampling! She has no fear on the job site and is willing to brave any amount of hoarding debris to get the samples we need.

Caitie has a toddler and loves being a mom to her adventerous little boy. Her favorite type of food is the type that Ron Swanson would refuse because “he is not a rabbit.” But don’t let her plant based preferences fool you, she drives a motorcycle!¬†

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